Join the PROFESSIONAL POLISH team with a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

How do you start a commercial cleaning business?

If you want to know how to start a franchise, check out the following seven steps to owning your own business with the Professional Polish franchise system.

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Schedule & attend a commercial cleaning franchise meeting. By law, we must present you with a Franchise Disclosure Document before you would be eligible to purchase a franchise. You may not buy a franchise the same day you are disclosed (in most states the earliest you can purchase a franchise is 14 days after your disclosure) so there is no pressure at the disclosure meeting. This is an information sharing session where the program will be presented and you can ask questions. We want to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the Professional Polish, Inc. franchise opportunity so that you can determine it this is the right investment for you.


Register a new small business with the state. Before being able to purchase a franchise, you will need to create a corporation or limited partnership (LLC). If you know you are going to be going into business, this can be done locally in your state by yourself or with the assistance of your legal representative. 



Sign a franchise agreement. Once all the other requirements have been met (FDD disclosure, mandatory waiting period, creation of legal entity, etc.) you will be eligible to sign a Professional Polish Inc. franchise agreement. 


Complete your training course. Initial training will prepare you how to clean properly (restrooms, offices, carpeted areas, tile & other hard surface floors, etc.) and utilize the most up-to-date tools and equipment for peak performance and efficiency. You will also learn how to perform periodic services like carpet cleaning, floor refinishing, window washing, etc.). In addition, time is spent training you how to interact with customers to provide them the best customer service, perform inspections of your cleaned facilities, calling and documenting calls to customers, best practices on how to run your cleaning business, marketing for new accounts, and much more. 



Get your cleaning supplies and equipment. Depending on the size of franchise you purchase, there will be some start-up supplies and equipment that you will need to have on hand before cleaning accounts can be assigned to you. There is no obligation to purchase these items from Professional Polish. The minimum items needed are listed in detail in your franchise disclosure document.

Get Started

Open your franchise and start servicing accounts. Once you have successfully completed initial training and acquired the necessary tools and supplies, you will be eligible to start servicing accounts in the territory. New franchisees receive a designated dollar amount of monthly business to service from the local Professional Polish master franchise so you will have clients from day one.

Tips to Becoming Your Own Boss

  • 1. Set clear goals.    Set and document your goals. You have to know where you are going, to get anywhere. That applies for anyone running a business. You became your own boss for reasons greater than making money. Note things you want to accomplish and how your business can help you achieve those things. By setting clear goals, you are able to measure your success. This will help you focused on your outcome and accomplish your goals..
  • 2. Time management. One of the hardest things to manage when becoming your own boss is time. You are now solely responsible for hiring, training, and managing employees, all while having to visit customers, deal with their issues and complaints, manage payroll, and obtain new customers. It is critical for your successful growth that a proper time management schedule be put in place. I often times ask franchise owners, “What time did you start work this morning?”. It is my belief that a successful business owner’s workday should begin early. Although most franchise owners in our business work late hours, you should set aside time each week to visit your customers during their operating hours. Your customers will feel important. Your customers will feel happy. Keep in mind, happy customers are what help your business grow.
  • 3. Leverage today’s tools and opportunities.    Today’s most valuable tool is technology, more specifically the internet. More than 3.5 billion people use the internet every day. Anyone can access just about anything they want with a few strokes of their finger. Utilize this! Explore options in software and equipment. This can help you manage your business more efficiently and can potentially bring your business to the next level in a matter of days or weeks. If technology is not your strong suit, ask your regional office staff for help and advice. We’re here to help! The goal is to leverage what makes sense for YOUR businessOpen the main menu in the app and find the Extensions tab. Click on it to open the Extensions list.
  • 4. Build a system that can be scaled.    Being your own boss is more than just signing your name on some paperwork. It means you are the person solely responsible for the growth, and success, of your business. In order to grow, you must implement strategies and put systems in place that allow you to scale your business. Your business should grow bigger than you. Do this by marketing your business, planning ahead for each quarter, setting clear and obtainable sales goals, and then do everything you can to achieve those goals!This extension allows editing the code of block in the app. Also, it's possible to add code to the head and body parts of pages.
  • 5. Surround yourself with people who push you.  Surrounding yourself with the right people changes everything. The people you surround yourself with have a direct effect on how successful you will be. One of the best ways to improve a skill is to watch, or observe, someone who does it better than you. This motivates you to work harder and think faster. Having relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs encourages you to step-up your game, giving you the ability to grow and challenge yourself in a way you could never do on your own. You can find these individuals by joining civic groups, participating in local networking events, and getting involved within your community
  • 6. Become the best you. Your personal development is interlaced with the growth of your business. You become a better boss as you become a better person. You should spend time each week consuming content that educates and inspires you. Wake up each day determined to challenge yourself more than you did the day before. Experiment outside of your comfort zone. It will make you a stronger entrepreneur, and individual. You may ask yourself, “What is the reward for all of the hard work I put in?”. The answer is simple. You become a better version of yourself. A version that others want to surround themselves by. You become the person you once sought out for inspiration and motivation.

Take the First Step

You are taking a big leap of faith when you decided to become your own boss. A leap of faith in which you are responsible for. Make the most of that leap. Follow these steps so you can be successful with this opportunities by calling today and eventually thank yourself for becoming your own boss.

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