Janitorial Services 

We at Professional Polish Janitorial provide commercial, industrial, and retail cleaning services in DFW for over 40 years. Our top priority is providing exceptional quality, extremely efficient and cost effective cleaning services to ensure customer satisfaction. We use eco-friendly practices and products to safe guard you work place and the environment.

Specialty Services Include


A professional cleaning service can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. Many people are probably coming in and out of your commercial space each day, which means things can get messy much more quickly than residential environments. A professional cleaning service will ensure that your commercial space stays tidy and organized so you don’t have to worry about any unattended messes. A dirty commercial space can also present a health and safety hazard for staff members, customers and clients. Having your commercial space regularly cleaned by a professional service will help to prevent accidents, boost morale and make your commercial space a more pleasant environment to work in. A professional cleaning service will giving you that good first impression you need to succeed, making your commercial space more appealing to customers, clients, and investors. What’s more, a professional cleaning service will take the responsibility of organization off of your plate so you can focus on more important things. Keep your commercial space clean and organized the easy way with professional cleaning services from Professional Polish.



Keeping an industrial distribution and logistics space clean and organized requires different tools, products and techniques than cleaning for residential or commercial spaces. Most industrial spaces have a large square-footage, making them more difficult and time-consuming to clean alone. Many industrial spaces also contain delicate or hazardous materials and equipment that require special care when cleaning. A professional cleaning service has the tools and skills necessary to give your industrial space the deep cleaning it needs in half the time without harming your workspace or any of your important equipment. A neat and organized industrial space is the best way to prevent workplace accidents and safety concerns. The efficient and thorough staff at Professional Polish can make your industrial space as orderly and safe as possible so you can increase the safety and productivity in your workplace.

Get the right service for your needs

Retail Spaces 

The success of your retail business often depends on the cleanliness and organization of the space. A dirty retail environment is unappealing to customers and products are also more likely to get damaged keeping you retail space clean saves a significant amount of money. With a professional cleaning services, your employees can focus on their jobs and prioritize customer service and sales. Getting your retail space cleaned regularly by a professional service will put your business in a place to business succeed. Contact our team for a customize quote today.


Work Space Cleaning

Providing a consistently hygienic work environment is key to employee satisfaction, well-being and productivity. Today, when hygiene is more important than ever, this is a top priority. Many companies are transitioning towards more flexible workplaces where employees move dynamically through the office landscape. Our tailor-made cleaning services keep people safe, nurture wellbeing and shape strong and reputable workplaces – adopting efficient systems and smarter ways of working as well as technology and expertly trained people to give you peace of mind.

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