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Pioneer Eclipse OmniGuard Floor Finish


For high traffic areas that require a durable and easy to maintain surface, OmniGuard is the obvious choice. The high solid formulation of this UHS floor finish produces extreme gloss that withstands the effects of crowded market
places in any weather condition.
Polymer emulsion
Appearance Milky white
Specular Gloss (60°)
Coverage Rate 2500 to 3000 ft²/gal

Dry Time About 25 minutes
Buffability Excellent
Removability Excellent

Non-Volatile Solids

Fragrance Mild odor, no fragrance added
Slip Resistence
Shelf Life 1year


Read all directions and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) before using.
1. For a floor that has been stripped, properly neutralized, rinsed and allowed to dry thoroughly, apply 4-5 thin coats using a clean synthetic mop. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly between coats and prior to burnishing.
2. Optional: Apply 2 thin coats of floor sealer for old or porous floors or for high traffic areas, then apply 2-3 coats of finish.
3. For a floor that has been deep scrubbed and allowedto dry thoroughly, apply 1-2 thin coats using a cleansynthetic mop. Allow floor to dry thoroughly between coats and prior to burnishing.

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